Roost and familyWhy would you want to know about Kelly and Rooster?  Maybe you just want to see the adventure Travel Nursing can bring.

Step #1

Send the Kid off to College.

Find something you love to do.  Hint “The Title of our Website is SCUBA RN”  happens to be the same name as our company.

Have a spouse (in our Case Kelly) that has a job that can travel.  Hint “Travel Nurse”.

Pick a location you want to try out for 13 weeks. Duhh… SCUBA RN so yes we pick close to water, but baseball season may see us at Spring Training.

Go, and have the time of your life.

That’s what we did, all within a month or so.  Now we are traveling to cool places that typical would be our vacation destination.  Well, most of our Vacations are in the Caribbean (diving theme).  Ohh.. and Yes the US Virgin Islands and Hawaii are on our radar.

So Kelly gets to work 3 or so days a week and the Rooster sits and waits and plans the Day Off Adventure.  Rooster also starts planning the adventure they do after every contract.

What else does Rooster do?

Rooster is a Master PADI SCUBA Dive Instructor.

Rooster is a USCG Captain.

Rooster also does Travel Nurse recruiting for a few like minded nurses.  Like adventure, check.  Like to find your own housing, check. Want more control of your own Travel Nursing business, check.  Maybe contact the Roost if being your own boss floats your boat (yes another water theme) Ok.. Enough of the sales pitch.

How are Kelly and the Roost traveling?  They are lucky, since the Kid went off to school it’s just the 2 of them.  So they
look for the best housing deal.  That includes staying with Family (You can do anything for 13 weeks), Renting Airstreme Coors Can something, or Pulling our 32 foot rolling Coors Can that some call an Airstream.

That’s all they got for now.  If you have a question or want to just say hi, drop a message over at the Contact Page.

Kelly and Rooster… OUT!