Travel Nursing Pay why is it so confusing Video

If your new to Travel Nursing it seems that the pay structure is all over the place.

Frankly, that’s why I started doing a bit of recruiting.  When my wife decided to Travel as we contacted Agencies, we got all sorts of different pay rates, plans… etc.  We just could not get a straight answer.

The reality is no matter what agency you work for there is only so much money coming in from the Hospital.  As the Travel Nurse you get what’s left over after the agency takes there cut.  That’s it…  No hidden deal…  No special Treatment, just whats left after the agency get’s theirs.  Think of it like a Real Estate agent.  You get what’s left over after they help you sell your House.

My suggestion:  Always… Always, break down your compensation package to an hourly rate.  it’s the only real way to no how much your getting.

Because of the reality of it just being an hourly wage, is why we choose to work with and recruit for our current company.  No talk of Stipens.. Meal plans.. Insurance.  Just the highest possible Hourly wage.


Blue Pipes Has a great video they did on Pay and it’s worth the View.


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