When we started the Travel Nursing Rope a dope we found a lot of Information sites that were both good and bad.  Below is a list of the ones that We thought help the Most.

Disclaimer.  These are links I use and/or have visited.  In know way (unless noted) am I recommending or rating the below links.  These were just links we found useful.


Facebook – Be sure to join the many Travel Nursing groups

Highway Hipodermics – RV

Travel Nursing – Hospitals to avoid

Travel Nursing 101

Travel Nursing Places to Rent

Travel Nursing Answers and Advice

Gypsy Soul Travel Nurses

Travel Nursing Lessons and Tips

Adventures in Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing Hospitals to Avoid

Pet Housing for the Travel Nurse

Tax Information – If your traveling be sure to have a good travel tax accountant or CPA.  When we started traveling our normal accountant did not understand the very difference the travel nurse pay structure is.  We decided to be Independent Contractors and quickly and fairly inexpensive to set up a company, and the tax savings are truly remarkable.

Travel Tax – At the moment we are not using them, but when I had questions before using my current accountant they responded with great information.  Had my Travel accountant not been local I would have used them.


AirBNB Vacation Rentals & Homes