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Demand For Travel Nursing Up

  USA Today is reporting that the Demand for Travel Nurses is going to increase by 10%. What do you think? It does seem orders are up, but does that mean your getting the contract you want? As Reported by USA Today: Demand for

Kelly was the Face for Carson Tahoe Hospital 2015

    We just received a text with a picture of the Compass Magazine for Carson Tahoe Health Hospital.  Looks like she is the Face of Carson Tahoe Health. Although not at the Carson Tahoe Hospital currently, Maybe she will return at some point.

What Travel Nursing Agency do you really work with

When Kelly started looking at Travel nursing it seemed like so many agencies.  After our research there really are not as many as you think. One of the reasons Rooster started recruiting is that it seemed you got different answers for the same jobs.

Travel Nursing Infographic

When we started doing our research in Travel Nursing, we were just overwhelmed in all the information. We did however find some Infographics that put it all together in an easy to read format. Check this one out:   You can visit the website