Age of Travel Nurses

Somebody had asked what the age of travel nurses might be.  I guess a few factors determine the age.

Young – There seems to be alot of young nurses hitting the travel scene, but maybe not as many as we think.  The Young nurses are not yet tied down with family, mortgages and more responsibilities.  They get a few years as a Staff nurse and then Travel the World for a bit.

the 40 plus nurse is the biggest category and we fit this mold.  With us and many others, kid or kids are off to college, and we are slimming down on our toys and for the lucky few have paid off mortgages or sold homes.  This give a new freedom that we didn’t have earlier.

The less tied down financially as a Travel Nurse the Freer you Feel.

Check out this Infographic from Onward Health Care

Travel Nursing Age

What age are Travlers

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